Class 3J

Welcome to Class 3J.


Hello welcome back to our class page. Can you believe that we are now into our last term in Year 3!! It is so scary how fast the year has gone! We are growing up fast and have been working very hard already.

Our teacher is Mrs Jaza but we also work with Mrs Blyth, Mrs Hough, Miss Isfahani and Mrs Rashad. On Fridays we do P.E. and get given our homework. This homework must be completed and back into school on Monday morning. On Monday’s we get given our spellings which are tested the following Monday.


Summer Term

In science we will continue to learn about human and animal skeletons. We have already learnt about the difference between vertebrates and invertebrates and will use this knowledge to create and then make our own vertebrate skeletons. We will finish by evaluating our art designs. We will then move onto looking at plants and their requirements for life.


Towards the end of the half term we will look at the Iron age. We will compare it to the stone age and bronze age and look at the developments that have been made. We will also compare it to modern life.

In English we have started the term by looking at the features of non-chronological reports and have planned our own reports about an animal of our own choice. We have used the internet to research information which we will use to write our own non-chronological reports. After this, we will turn our attention to fiction and science fiction stories. We will discuss the features of this genre before planning and writing our own story.


In Maths we have started the term by concentrating on column addition and subtraction. We will then move onto using the written methods of grid multiplication and bus stop division in order to solve multiplication and division number sentences. We will also look at basic number skills and patterns and will continue with practising mental maths and arithmetic.


Also, we look forward to all the fun that comes at the end of the year such as sports day and the summer fair. As always, we appreciate your support and hard work! Thank you very much!



What we need to remember!

  • We need to bring our book bags, with our reading books and reading logs inside, to school every day and leave them in our classrooms. We should be trying to read every day at home and then taking a quiz when we have finished. Mrs Jaza is really pleased when we pass our quizzes especially if we get 100%. If we get 100% three times we can move up a level.

  • Mrs Jaza hopes that we will try really hard to attend school every day so that we can learn more things.