Who are we?

Vice Chairman

Mr D Thornton      Trust Appointed

Mrs J Chapman    Co-opted

Head Teacher Dr S Harris           Ex-Officio

Mrs B King            Co-opted
Jamie Jones           Local Authority
Mrs G Qureshi      Co-opted
Mrs N Ahmed       Parent
Mrs P Walker        Trust Appointed

Mrs A Hussain      Co-opted

Mrs E Sarwar        Parent
Mr N Dolling         Co-opted

Mr Michael Spink  Co-opted

Staff Governors:

Mr S Mark  

Mrs D Hough

 Please click here for a list of relevant business interests for our Governing Body.

What do we do?

The Governing Body has three main roles:

  1. To provide a strategic view - helping to decide the School’s strategy for improvements;
  2. To act as a critical friend - supporting the staff but asking challenging questions and pressing for improvement;
  3. To ensure accountability - monitoring and evaluating the School’s effectiveness.

How do you become a School Governor?

For more information about how to become a governor please contact the school using the following link