School Uniform

School Uniform ExampleAll children at Heckmondwike Primary School we are expected to wear the school uniform.

Your child should come to school dressed in the following school uniform:

  • School Sweatshirt or School Cardigan
  • White shirt
  • Grey skirt or trousers
  • Black shoes - no trainers please    

Please do not send your child in heavy boots or high heeled shoes.  Shoes should be well-fitting and securely fastened.

Please clearly mark all your child's clothing with your child's name.  It will make the task of returning lost property to its owner a lot more efficient.



For safety reasons, jewellery must not be worn in school without the permission of the Head Teacher.  This will only be given in exceptional circumstances, for example, bracelets indicating a specific disability or rare blood group, worn in case of accident.

Children with pierced ears may wear simple, unobtrusive studs (one in each ear).  No other jewellery is acceptable.



Please ensure that your child's hair style/colour is appropriate for school. Bright colours, shaven patterns or heavily gelled styles are not suitable for school.

No nail varnish!


P.E Kit

Please ensure that your child brings a P.E kit to school and that it is available on the day that they are required to take part in a P.E lesson.  If you are unsure of the day please check with your child's class teacher.

Correct P.E Kit



A P.E kit should be made up of: 

  1. White polo shirt/t-shirt (no logos)
  2. Blue/black jogging bottoms or shorts
  3. A pair of trainers

Please clearly mark all your child's P.E Kit including their trainers!



Lost Property

Lost property is stored at school.  Please ask at the office if your child has lost a piece of clothing.