School Aims


We shall strive to bring out the very best that is in your child.

We shall encourage their natural curiosity and hope to give them a real enjoyment from learning.

The school aims may be summarised:

  • To ensure that Heckmondwike Primary School provides a secure, happy and challenging structured working environment  where the children are extended to their full potential, praised for their efforts and successes and encouraged when they encounter difficulties.

  • To help children develop lively and enquiring minds and give them the ability to question and reason rationally, together with the will to apply themselves diligently.

  • To ensure provision of a broad and balanced curriculum based upon equal opportunities and high standards in which the intellectual, physical, spiritual, social, cultural and aesthetic development of each individual is nurtured.

  • To provide programmes of study to match the levels descriptions for the National Curriculum, which are purposeful, challenging and enjoyable leading to personal success.

  • To encourage the children to be disciplined in their attitude to learning and set realistic goals to achieve high levels of attainment.

  • To help all children achieve an understanding of moral and religious values and their place in everyday life, given that we live in a multi-cultural community.  Children must, therefore, be helped to develop an understanding of other cultures, religions and the ways of life and an acceptance of other people and their differing customs.

  • To promote good relationships within the school community, encouraging children to play an active part in the local community and to involve the community in the life of the school.