At Heckmondwike Primary school, children should feel safe to embrace challenges, safe to learn from their mistakes and safe to have dreams and ambitions.  Through outstanding teaching and a curriculum tailored to their needs and interests, we will nurture confident, independent and thoughtful children who are proud of their achievements and prepared for life in modern Britain.


Our commitments remain for our school:

For our pupils we will serve the best educational opportunities in an environment which will provide stimulation, challenge and enjoyment.

Our pupils will develop respect, tolerance and empathy together with a strong sense of self-esteem which will enable them to achieve their full potential.

Our staff will maintain high standards of expectation in an environment which will recognise and respond to both the academic and social needs of each pupil.  We want our staff to develop friendly, supportive relationships with parents and members of the wider community. 

We want our parents to encourage their children and support the teaching in the school they have chosen, by reinforcing the aims of the school and in encouraging self-discipline and good manners.  Parents promote the school in the community thus helping the children to perceive the school as part of the community and their own place in that community.