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Year Four

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W.C: 1.6.2020

Hello Year 4! We hope you enjoyed all the art and craft activities we set you last week but it’s back to work this week! As we enter our final half term this year, we hope you are all happy and keeping safe at home with your families. For those of you who celebrated, we hope you had a fantastic Eid. It will have no doubt been a different experience to the Eid’s celebrated before but we’re sure you still had lots to eat! This week we have more exciting activities planned for you as we look at how we keep healthy! Keep up the excellent work. Your teachers are very proud. Remember to share photos of your amazing work with us via our class email. We can’t wait to see what you have been up to!

Year 4 Learning Pack:  W.C. 1.6.20

 UKS2-English-Writing-Task 9-Ancient Myths.pdfDownload
 Y5-English-Comprehension-Magic Toothpicks.pdfDownload
 Y5-Maths-Lesson 1 - Multiply unit and non-unit fractions by integers-Questions-Answers.pdfDownload
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W.C. 1.6.20


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In addition to the work above, please continue to use Ed City, Classroom Secrets and TTR to supplement learning further.