Year Six

Home Learning

Please click on the document links below to download your child’s work packs.  The packs can be printed if you wish, however there is no requirement to do this.  Children can record answers into an exercise book. 

For children who are unable to gain access to a computer/ the internet, could parents/ carers contact school directly so that a paper copy can be printed.  This will be done on request only and left outside our main doors in a covered box for collection. Should you require it, you can also collect an exercise book for your child. 

We strongly recommend that your child continues to consolidate their learning through completion of these activities on a daily basis.

Practical Ideas:

  • Skipping is a great way to get your heart beating – if you don’t have a skipping rope, have you got any other rope you could use instead? How long can you skip for without stopping?
  • Mr Mark challenges you to make a walking horse. Use the following link for instructions.  When you've done it, take some photos / video footage of it. We'll create a link where you can share them.
  • Origami flowers – make some paper flowers here’s a clip to get you started
  • Insect hunt – what bugs and insects can you find in your garden? Sketch what you find. You could also lay a trap for them by cutting a grapefruit (an orange will work as well) in half, scooping out the inside and then cutting a small hole in the side. Lay the skin inside down on the ground so insects can crawl inside – leave it outside overnight and then check it in the morning to see what has crawled in to have a munch.
  • Research the bugs you find and create a fact file for each.
  • Get in the kitchen and bake something or help make dinner.

Useful Websites

In addition to the work above, please continue to use Ed City, Classroom Secrets and TTR to supplement learning further.