Online Safety 

Hi everyone!

Hope you are all keeping safe, working hard and having some fun along the way. I know that all the teachers have been setting you loads of work and fun activities to do both online and offline. When we’re in school, in our Computing lessons, we spend a lot of time talking about being safe online and how we can do this, which is really important and even though we are at home now, we shouldn’t be forgetting about how we stay safe online.

There are a variety of resources available on the internet to help support you in this, the first one I want to point you towards is the government website and their guidance which can be found at Here there are useful tips on how to remain safe online and also advice for parents and carers if there were any concerns.

Another website I would like to point you towards is the ThinkuKnow website, Here once again, there are lots of useful information, help and guidance for parents if they have any online safety issues. There are also some very useful, short activities that have been created for home learning on this website which you will the documents on the Computing page under learning.

Internet Matters is another great website with guides on keeping children safe online during this time as well as useful links if you need support or have any concerns or worries about children being online. At you can also find support in setting up parental controls on devices and advice relating to different age groups. is very child friendly and has lots of helpful videos with tips, info and advice while you're staying at home in their Own It Lockdown Lowdown page. These videos are quick and simple and can support you and your families in understanding the situation we find ourselves in at the moment. has a downloadable document that has some creative ideas to learn and understand online safety together as a family. These will allow for open discussion and reinforce how we can be safe online.

These are not the only resources out there, these are just some examples where you can go to find resources, advice, help and support should you need it. Remember, the Internet and the World Wide Web are wonderful inventions and make our lives a lot easier but we need to remember to be safe and take care of our online identities.

Please click on the link below to have a look at the NSPCC on-line safety booklet 

NSPCC Online Safety Booklet

Be Smart and Stay Safe!

Computers and the internet are fun to use.  But do you know how to stay safe on your computer?  Please click the links to learn more.