School re-opening for the Summer Term- Key information


A safe re-opening of schools

Our school will reopen from Monday 12th April for all children. We have worked hard as a team to plan and prepare for the safe reopening. All of the information that you will need can be found on this page.

We know how important attendance at school is and we believe that every pupil should return to school if possible. We do understand that for some families who have been shielding during this extended period of the corona virus, returning to school may feel like a big step to take. We will work with you to share all of the systems we have put in place to make our school as safe as we can, so that we can reassure you as much as is possible. Contact Mrs Aslam our Attendance and Welfare Officer if there is a chance that your child may not return in April.

Please watch this video for more information   

What are we doing to make our school safe?

There are five key areas that we are focusing on to keep everyone safe in school:

  1. Prevention  Not allowing anyone on site who is showing symptoms
  2. Hygiene       Regular hand washing, respiratory hygiene. A ring of cleanliness around our school
  3. Cleaning      Enhanced cleaning routines for all areas of the school building
  4. Contact        Maintaining controlled areas for all year groups, staggered start and end times, play times and lunchtime
  5. Ventilation   Ensuring that there is a good flow of air in all rooms to reduce the risk of infection

Please download the document below below, or simply scroll through the slides to find details of our plans for our March reopening.

Parent Partnership – How you can help

  • Take your child’s temperature before you come to school; we will only take temperatures if we have a concern. If your child has a new persistent cough, loses their sense of taste or smell or has a temperature above 37.8 degrees Celcius keep them at home.
  • Ensure your child knows that you expect them to follow all behaviour rules in school to keep them safe – support the school if your child forgets and needs reminding
  • Be on time and stick to your time for the staggered start to the day, using the allocated entrances. Please follow the guidance from school staff who will be on duty in the school grounds
  • All adults to wear face coverings when entering the school grounds and entering the main entrance
  • Drop and go, please keep moving and do not stop and chat in the playground or outside the gates.
  • At pick up time please be prompt but socially distance while waiting in the designated areas for your child’s class
  • Send any messages for teachers via the school office phone number/email rather than try to speak on the playground

Key Messages and Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we using staggered starts and controlled entrances?

In order to reduce the contact that children and adults have between each other we are managing the number of adults and children coming into the school grounds at any one time. We will have over 900 children and adults coming into school and leaving each day. By staggering start and end times over a 15 minute period and directing different year groups to use a named entrance, we aim to reduce the crowding to make it possible for everyone to socially distance from each other.  Please see the document below setting out the start and end times for each year group and the entrances. We do understand that this may create some challenge for families which have children in different years. We ask for your patience in managing this.

How often will the school be cleaned?

Our cleaning team will work before and after school each day to ensure that every surface is thoroughly sanitised throughout school. We have purchased additional cleaning equipment and are using the very best cleaning chemicals that are available. The toilets and outdoor sinks will have two additional cleaning slots each day, before and after dinner, to ensure that these heavily used areas have an enhanced cleaning routine. As well as this, all rooms have a cleaning kit which will be used throughout the day by staff and pupils to ensure work areas remain safe.

Can adults come into the school building?

We will minimise the times that visitors come into the school building. We recommend that you use phone calls and emails if you have general enquiries for school. If it is essential for an adult to come into the main entrance, we will be limiting visitors to one person at a time, and ask that they wear a face mask.

What should we bring to school?

We will try and reduce the amount of things which are brought into school in order to support the prevention of infection coming into school. Children can bring their coats and a book bag. Those children on packed lunches can bring these in too. Children should come to school on their PE days already dressed in their PE kit - this will reduce the need for more bags, and will take away the need for changing rooms.

Will Children be able to have school dinners?

Yes, school dinners are available, see the school meals page for our revised menu. Those families who are eligible for free school meals will revert back to school meals for children, the voucher scheme will end. 

Will Children be able to bring reading books home?

Yes, children will be bringing reading books home each week. Reading is the number one priority for our school, and ensuring all children are reading everyday is important to us. When reading books are brought back to school they will be put into quarantine boxes for 72 hours to ensure they are infection free.

Can I buy School uniform from school?

Yes, uniforms are available to buy from school. You can use an order form and parent pay to make an order. School uniforms will be delivered with your child at home time.

Can pupils wear additional clothes to keep warm?

Yes, we understand that with our ventilation policy it may be necessary to add an additional layer when working in the classroom. This does not need to be school uniform.

Will Breakfast Club start again?

Yes, Breakfast Club will start on Monday 8th March. We will have a limit of 20 children to begin with, to allow us to maintain appropriate distancing for year group bubbles. Booking places is essential and you should do this by phoning the school office.

Will the extra curricular sports clubs start again?

Yes, we aim to continue to offer extra curricular clubs for our children. These will be limited to individual year groups in order to allow us to maintain our year group bubbles. These will not start straight away, we will write out to you with further information when they are due to begin.


Key Policies and Risk Assessments

Please click on the links below for details of our Covid-19 risk assessment guidance and autumn term cleaning plan.

Covid-19 risk assessment guidance

School cleaning plan