PSHE Schemes of Work

During the first half of the Summer Term, our PSHE focus in school will be Healthy Me. This is one of the units from the Jigsaw scheme which we adopted early last year. Children in all year groups will be learning about how to become more healthy and how to remain healthy. Topics may include: healthy eating, benefits of exercise, first aid, good sleeping patterns etc. Some lessons in certain year groups aim to educate children about the harmful effects of smoking, alcohol and other drugs.

We want parents to be fully informed about the curriculum content and so we invite you all to join us in a virtual Teams meeting  on Tuesday 13th April at 5:30. During this meeting,  we will provide further details about the unit of work and allow parents to ask any questions they may have.

In case parents are unable to make the meeting, we have also provided links below, which provide details of the curriculum content and lesson plans for each year group.  We hope you find time to look through these and perhaps discuss some of it with your child as necessary. It goes without saying, we are always here on hand to provide extra resources and offer any advice you may need and answer any questions you may have.


Mr S Mark


Y1 Healthy Me scheme of work

Y2 Healthy Me scheme of work

Y3 Healthy Me scheme of work

Y4 Healthy Me scheme of work

Y5 Healthy Me scheme of work

Y6 Healthy Me scheme of work

Friday 18th June

Y5/6 Puberty - Changing Me 

At HPS we are not teaching sex education and so we will not be teaching the Jigsaw Changing Me unit as part of our PSHE curriculum. However, we have created links below to the Jigsaw lesson material, just in case you feel it's appropriate to cover some of it with your child. This is totally at your discretion. 

We have also provided links to the resources which we will be using for the forthcoming puberty lessons with Y5&6 girls and Y6 boys. These will take place on Wednesday 14th July but you have the right to withdraw your child from these lessons if you so wish. We will only be covering the physical changes which take place in boys and girls (including menstruation). We will not be covering anything around sexual intercourse or making babies, even though the puberty pdf booklet contains a section on this. In order to offer further clarification around the content of the puberty lessons, we will once again be holding a virtual Teams meeting on Tuesday 6th July at 5:30pm. If you are unable to make the meeting, please take a look at the resources in the Puberty links below.